Learn card deck tricks labeled

Learn card deck tricks labeled

Since many people master the art of fraud in card games, it has become a common place in all card games. Surprisingly, there are guides who teach fraud. Many experienced card players know how to cheat. They just need to keep abreast of changing trends, as well as new ways to cheat in card games. There are also special guides for them. Some companies and sites also offer beginners a guide to using card game fraud.

There are different methods of fraud for different card games, where one of them is the use of labeled cards.

Cards that are changed illegally so that their values ​​are visible on the back are called marked cards. This is the most famous way to cheat in card games with gambling cheating devices. Marking on these cards means applying an inscription on the back of the card that reads, scratches or makes the mark visible but invisible on the cards, etc.

Many professional scammers have already acquired game skills with marked cards

It is important that other players do not see in marked card deck. This is achieved, as a rule, self-marking on the map and verifying that the mark will not be noticeable.

Experienced players or scammers already know a card that can be crucial to the game, and can easily identify a card from a set of cards. Therefore, they can mark high cards first or in any other way. Even a slight curve on the side of the card will facilitate the identification of a specific marked card during the game.

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